Early Alpha

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The very beginnings, the Early Alpha, of our robot is starting to take shape!

The collector is being fought over,

The parts for the lifter have arrived,

And the climber is transforming from thoughts into drawings.

While the subsystems have been working on their prototypes, chassis has completed their “proto-proto” chassis made of wood and the collector subsystem has had the opportunity to test their system on it.

Electronics is being pulled in all different directions, wiring the “proto-proto” chassis,

discussing how to program the autonomous modes for the final robot in light of Team Update 03,

and working through the electronics for our pit this year.

In addition to all of our robot-related activities, we celebrated our head coach’s birthday with a Star Wars-themed poster and confetti cake

And our school filmed a lip dub last Thursday that we participated in – decking out our lab in red while the rest of the school was covered in purple.

Go Robotics!