Saturday Safety Demonstrations

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Every Saturday during build season the Safety Team presents a specific concept of safety to the team, some of which include demonstrations.

Week 4’s safety demonstration was a battery acid spill and cleanup. We used tea as the acid and baking soda to neutralize the “acid.”

Safety member Athena Matteson performed the demonstration for the team on January 27th.

A favorite of the team is the Week 5 fire safety demonstration, led by our mentor Mr. Calvert, who is a retired fire fighter and EMT.

Normally we show four different types of fires: trash fire, wood fire, oil fire, and human fire.

The human fire is a demonstration of what clothes catch on fire easily, and that fire-resistant does not equal fire-proof.

Each year we choose students to extinguish the fires, to show everyone how to use it and demonstrate the steps you take when extinguishing a fire.

To ensure that the fires would be controlled, we had students ready with water buckets, a water hose, and of course, the fire extinguishers.

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