Welcome to Team 3238’s Safety Program! On these pages are resources and documents related to our 2018 Safety Program. They are provided courtesy of Team 3238 for all FIRST teams; please feel free to use them in whole or in part. For more information about our Safety Program or if you have any questions related to safety, please email Team3238Safety@gmail.com.

In above photo left to right: (top row) Liam Jenkins, Ian Doebler, Kathryn Coryell, (bottom row) Gabby Troy, Athena Matteson, Deborah James.

The safety team is led by Safety Captain Kathryn Coryell and Co-Safety Captain Ian Doebler, with safety members, Nathan Doebler, Liam Jenkins, Gabby Troy, Athena Matteson, Deborah James, and Isabella Butler.

Injury Tracking Online Form
The Injury Tracking form is used to track injuries and causes of injury on the team. Anything requiring some kind of treatment from just washing the injury all the way up to the need for a School District Incident Report Form and/or the hospital requires tracking on this form.

Hazard Tracking Online Form
The Hazard Tracking form is used to track potential hazards around the shops. This form is used if something unsafe is spotted or if it has injured someone already.

Red Cross First-Aid App Download
Link to the Red Cross First-Aid App website where you can download apps to help with response to injuries and disasters.

2018 Safety Manual
The manual is a descriptive outline of what our team does, what can be applied to other teams if they are interested in safety, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

2018 Safety Handbook
The handbook is a comprehensive overview of our Safety Program and includes descriptions of our various safety seminars, training, and improvements to make or that have already been implemented. It also includes our Safety Creed and the fabrication quizzes.

2016-17 Safety Creed
The Safety Creed is signed by all members of the team, and includes fifteen statutes that the team members agree to follow and hold each other accountable for.

Comment and Suggestion Form
This Google Form is for anyone who wants to make comments or suggestions about the Safety Program section of the website.