Gary Sandvig-

Mr. Sandvig is a design and fabrication mentor, though he is not typically assigned to a particular subsystem. He helps mainly with design and the tools in the wood shop.





Val Boyce-

As the metal shop teacher at Anacortes High School, Mr. Boyce is more than qualified to watch over the metal shop during robotics. He assists with all kinds of fabrication, as well as safety and making sure that the metal shop gets properly taken care of at the end of each meeting.





Mike Remmenga-

Mr. Remmenga joined the team this year and he ended up being a main mentor for the gear collector subsystem. As a mentor in general, he mainly helps students learn how to use the various tools in the robotics lab.






Joe Furin-

Our head mentor, Mr. Furin, is a career and technical teacher at Anacortes High School. He has devoted most of his free time to furthering the Anacortes FIRST Robotics program ever since he began it in 2010.





Richard Johnson-

Mr. Johnson is a fabrication mentor who assists any subsystem that needs it throughout the year. He works with the Kiwanis club in town, so he also serves as our main contact with them – they are one of our sponsors.





Lynn King-

Mr. King is a machinist, so he is a big help with fabrication. He mainly assists with the lathe and mill. When he is given a part to help fabricate, he can explain what he is doing succinctly, which helps the student understand what is going on without spending a lot of time trying to understand.




Mike Calvert-

Mr. Calvert typically mentors students in the metal shop. He teaches students how to weld and welds himself, which is extremely beneficial to the team. Earlier in his career, he was a volunteer firefighter and EMT and he uses his experience to give an interactive presentation on fire safety every year during build season.




Curtis Payne-

Mr. Payne serves as a mentor for one of the manipulator subsystems every year. He is very beneficial for the team, as he can serve as both a fabrication and design mentor.





Anton Briefer-

Mr. Briefer is one of Team 3238’s dedicated electronics mentors. He has a degree in Civil Engineering and mostly assists the electronics subsystem with programming.





Steve Richards-

Mr. Richards is a less frequent, but vital mentor who teaches the students about strategy. He assists with determining the strategy for building the robot at the beginning of build season and determining competition strategy – each match and overall.





Bill Johnson-

Mr. Johnson is an electronics subsystem mentor who excels with electronics parts, so he and Mr. Briefer work well with the electronics students. He has a degree in Computer Science.





Jens Sandvig-

Jens is an alumni of Team 3238 who is currently attending Bellingham Technical Community College to get a Mechanical Engineering degree. He serves throughout the build season as a mainly design, but sometimes fabrication mentor – he’s really good with the bandsaws.





Kelley Bright-

Ms. Bright became a mentor because she was good at sewing, so she could help out with creating the bumpers for the robot each year.






Valerie Palmer-

Ms. Palmer joined the Anacortes Robotics FRC team at the same time as her son Will. She became the food mentor, and as such, organized all of the meals necessary during the build season as well as ay snacks. She also helped out quite a bit with the gauge wall for the pit.





Eileen Hamilton-

Mrs. Hamilton was drafted to be a mentor this year by her daughter and son-in-law, who are mentors, and her grandchildren, who are on the team. She is phenomenal with sewing and clothing design, so she has been a great help in assisting with the design of the team’s  costumes throughout the years.




Tonda Smit-

Ms. Smit is the other head mentor. She presides over everything that does not involve the robot.






Michelle Slater-

Michelle is an ASL interpreter who interpreted for one of the kids on the team a couple years ago. Since she joined the Cyborg Ferrets’ ranks, she has become an important Community Outreach mentor who assists with determining the logistics of each competition and who organizes all of the team attire.




Curt Oppel-

As the head of ARBC, Mr. Oppel mainly deals with the Anacortes FIRST Robotics program as a whole, though he does serve as a fabrication mentor during the FRC Build Season.





Katy Doebler: Mrs. Doebler is a community outreach mentor who helps out with everything. She will be taking over some of the stuff that Tonda has been doing in the past.






Kashmere Fitch: Kashmere joined the team last year as a Community Outreach mentor who could help with some writing and graphic design. Since then, she has become a vital mentor for the Community Outreach team as well as the only mentor for the safety team.






Aileen Travis: Ms. Travis joined our the ranks of our wonderful mentors during the 2015-2016 season when she became the ASL interpreter for one of the kids on the team. Since then, she has become the photography mentor. She is knowledgeable about taking and choosing photos, so she helps out the student photographer each year.





Steve Doebler: Mr. Doebler is one of the mentors who solely assists in the metal shop. He also helps out with the pit and he has been very helpful this year with figuring out how to create and creating the gear wall.